What cells can be used?

Most block-type LiFeYPO4 cells, say from 60 Ah and up. As the boards are mounted on the positive pole, different lenghts of thick copper-wire  to the negative pole adjusts for different cell-dimensions.

Can I use other cells then LiFeYPO4?

As all voltage-levels are user programmable (between 2 and 5 Volts) other battery types can be used too. Off course, battery technology is changing rapidly, and we are always prepared to help you solve particular problems.  

What charger should I specify?

As the BMS-controller forms a happy marriage with any TC-charger...specify a model with the required voltage- and current- level....no need to order the CAN-bus-option, the standard three-wire interface will do!

Do the BMS-boards increase self-discharge?

Yes, off course, although the BMS-boards use << 100 uA, which is roughly 1 / 50-th (!) of the self-discharge-current for a 90 Ah LiFeYPO4-cell. 

The controller is also using very little current: less then 15 mA from a 12 Volt battery. Low enough to stay alive for months (!) on an average car-battery.

Can I split my battery-pack?

Yes, we thought about that too! Off course, we see people hide one pack in the back, and another pack in the front of the car, for instance. It is important to treat each pack separately...each pack will have to be fitted with its own "IN"- and an "OUT"-board.

What if a cell gets too empty?

If the cell-voltage gets way too low, that particular board would block communication, and THUS the charging. By selecting 'Emergency charge' the charging process can be started, even if there is no BMS-communication.

How does the balancing work?

Each BMS-board is equipped with a so-called 'programmable current-source'. Bypass-current is set to 1 Amp, irrespective of the bypass-voltage chosen. 

Depending on the TC-charger used, the "minimum charging-current" should be set to ~ 1 Ampere. (For a 20 Amp. charger this would be 5 %)

When balanced-charging is selected, the controller will slowly reduce the charging-current, until all cells have reached the bypass-voltage set.

In quick-charging mode however, the entire charging process is carried out with maximum charging current, until one of the cells reaches the maximum-voltage set.

How many cells can I use?

A maximum of 255 cells can be used, albeit that the time needed to get a message through that many cells slows down the response-time of the electronic PC-dashboard notably.